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Save time and money:

BARKE® - Throw-Away turnblades

When you plane -

you need Trimetall

The advantages of the Barke  turnblade speak for
themselves. It is much cheaper than conventional,

resharpenable planer blades and also centrifugal
locking system knives. They fit every type of
cutterblock and are nearly as quick to change as
centrifugal knives thanks to the “automatic” setting
of the adjustable bushes.

And finally the most important point:
Trimetall  – Technology lets you achieve meterage
and surface finish quality that you could only have
dreamed about.

The sum of these advantages make  Barke -
Turnblades indispensable for  your workshop

1. Locking screw
2. Setting screw
3. Knife carrier
4. Throwaway double edged turnblade

  • Fits all nomal cutterblocks

  • Changes nearly as fast as centrifugal but
    more economical

  • Up to 50% more meterage giving very
    low knife replacement cost

  • New knives cost less than sharpening
    conventional ones

  • A complete change–over costs less than
    new old fashioned blades

Minimum 800 x 600 resolution