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Select the time
and cost saving solution:
Multihead for simultaneous
Planing, Edge Processing
and Grooving

The possibility of planing, edging and
grooving at the same time with a single head
will set new time and costing parameters
in your workshop.

The Variotri® Multihead can also be used on
spindle moulders (only with 2-4 plain Turn

Design makes knife change simplicity it
self. Without any setting aid – just insert
knife and tighten.

  • Considerably cheaper than centrifugal
    locking knives and heads

  • Knife change in seconds with optimum
    edge Life and Precision

  • Additional counter grind for better
    shavings ejections and sharpness

  • Extremely clean and smooth surface
    with minimum energy usage

  • Available in three grades (TriSolid®-
    Standard, HSS-Tritall®, HM-TriCarb®)

  • Considerable noise and Kick-Back
    Reduction due to enclosed design

The total of these advantages
make  BARKE® VariOtri®  Multiheads
indispensable for your workshop also.

Minimum 800 x 600 resolution