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Success seldom happens by chance…

of the leading suppliers of special turnblade planer knives
systems at home and abroad.
The cornerstone for the success of the company lies with
the innovative thought processes, energy and dedication
of all employees. In conjunction with customer feedback
these have resulted in practical problem solutions that
have in some cases earned patents.

The longtime close and trustworthy cooperation between supplier and the woodworking
industry was and is an important foundation to not only have new ideas but to deliver them to
the requirement of the user.
That is the way it will continue!! Our wide offer range – which we are introducing with this
catalogue – guarantee you the best advantages for rational work methods. It only embodies
a portion of what we understand by “service to the customer”. Just as important as the sale
of our high quality products are your wishes and inspiration that will lead to further innovative
products. Take us at our word.

CEO Dipl.-Kfm. Heiner Barke

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