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The TriMetall® - Technology

   TersoTri® turnblades for the Tersa System

The alternative in the highest quality

Our principle: The flat steel is welded using the sandwich method. The centre piece of the planer knife is
comprised of soft steel, which is therefore well capable of being profiled. The two welded edges are made
of high-quality TriHSS®-M42 steel with 24.6% alloy components in accordance with the demand for
increased stability.
As with all BARKE®-KNIVES, these modern knives also receive an additional counter-grinding. We are
competent knife specialists with decades of experience and we surpass the usual HSS knives from
a qualitative perspective on a partially substantial level.

Also available in 61 and 121 metre coils.

High quality 24% TriHSS® -M42 (rigidly welded)

High quality 24% TriHSS® -M42 (rigidly welded)
Soft, good malleable steel

Comparison of the cutting edge stability
between the usual HSS knives
and the Barke® TersoTri® reversible knives

  • Smooth and clean wood surfaces through maximum sharpness and high level
    of assurance against chipping.

  • Longer operational life through extremely hard edges and 33% more alloys in
    TriHSS®-M42 compared to simple HSS steel

  • Increased breakage resistance through soft centre body

  • Attractive price/performance ratio due to an operational life that is longer by up to 75%

And finally the most important:
Due to the TriMetall
® -Technology BARKE® knives, you will achieve downtimes and work results
from which you could have only dreamed upto now.

usual HSS

TersoTri® TriHSS® - M42

Additional qualities:
  • TerSolid®-standard
  • TersoCarb® carbide (TC)

Minimum 800 x 600 resolution