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Scratching Knives for woodwool machines.
System Barke "I"

From 1 mm on woodwool slivers of any width can be produced with these knives.

The features of these new Scratching Knives are as follows:
  • the knives do not have to be sharpened
  • 4 cutting positions
  • Complete knife sticks, ready for installation
  • Less waste and dust
  • Easier scratching due to incline positioning
  • More woodwool from the thin knives of Swedish steel than with the normal lances
  • No movement of the knives in the boxes is possible
  • Damaged knives easily replaceable
  • Less power and oil required
  • Special knife boxes for all types of woodwool machines are available
  • Life in working hours from 150 to 300, depending on type of woodwool being

Heiner Barke knives have been tested and approved by Woodwool Manufacturers in more than
twenty countries.
The saving in time and labour by fitting the Barke system is unparalleled and finest quality wool
is guaranteed.

Minimum 800 x 600 resolution