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The new knife-setting device.
Convincing advantages:
  • for all cutterblock diameters
    and knife projections

  • easy handling and precise
    position of the knives

The set consists of:
  • 1 wooden box with
    2 cutter-setting devices

  • 3 shims for adjusting
    knife projection

1. Locking Screw
2. Magnets
3. Swivel Block

Instruction for use of Barkomat®:

1. Loosen fastening screws and set up Barkomat® on any place of the arbor for devicing
2. Choose spacer (f.i. 1 mm) and display on arbor below single round magnet
3. Press down single magnet on to spacer and fasten screw of single magnet-cylinder instead of

spacer you can take over high of 1 blade. Now Barkomat® is ready for use once and for all.
4. Move joint close to back of blade (see sketch) - blade does not have plenty place to move
5. When making set from table sign the line for joints (wiggling of joints does not matter)
6. Fasten screws of clamping wedge always beginning in the middle to both ends

Minimum 800 x 600 resolution